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Welcome to Global Nut Company, welcome to the world of nuts and industrial products!



GNC is the place to contact for buying and selling raw materials for the food industry such as nuts, dried fruits, corn products, and much more.

We make sure that you can concentrate on your business activity. We take your requirements, specifications, and ideas into account to enable us to offer you optimal advice and service.

Choose Global Nut Company because:

  • You appreciate individual consulting,
  • Continuity and consistency are important to you,
  • Our network and know-how can offer you time-saving solutions,
  • We speak your language and understand concerns about food safety.


Market report from Global Nut Company as a newsletter

Market report from Global Nut Company

Our clients and prospective customers regularly receive the GNC market report as a newsletter. This report shows developments in the market prices and availability of the foodstuffs we offer.


Please contact us a for market news: team